Project Description

Association Amisol


The sawmill section is the main activity of the special work center with a capacity for 25 working people.
The transformation of wood from nearby forests is carried out and has the capacity to produce 20 cubic meters of wood saw of various sizes up to 2.40 meters. The products we offer are:
Manufacture of pallets:
– Manufacture of all kinds of wood pallets, according to orders.
– Specialization in unusual sizes
– Manufacture of pine wood furniture.
– Manufacture of wood table for packaging of standard or special sizes,
According to order
– sawdust, costers, slats, bark.
Péple Sale
– Packing Certified Hairlet and we market it with our brand “Amisolets”. It can be purchased with pallets of 60 sacks, pallets of 36 bags or in individual sacks.
Sale of planters and boxes: Planters with varied sizes according to order, and with the boxes we make four standard sizes, but on order in doing various types and sizes.

Restoration Service

It is a service that began at the end of 2009, and has been expanding:
Bar service: Management of the Casal de Cultura de Solsona. A bar service aimed at the public in general is offered, and in particular to the various entities of the city. He wants to be, at the same time, a dynamic space of events and cultural and leisure activities.
Catering and event bars: in recent years, the service has also been expanded, performing multiple bars and catering to public facilities of the City Council to serve events of entities, sports clubs and educational centers.
Management of municipal facilities: We manage the Solsona Summer Summer Bar Service, the manager of the kiosk of the Municipal Pool of Solsona in summers, and the management of the sports center of Solsona.