Project Description

Aura Foundation

#BeInclusivers Services

Services companies are working towards the inclusion and diversity. Awareness workshops, seminars, training, motivational workshops. In person or online way your teams live an experience that will change your vision of intellectual disability forever. #BeInclusiver by AURA.


The best way to understand people with intellectual disabilities is live with them, our days of team building and ensure family fun day, unique viencias, empathy, respect for differences, emotion and break many myths surrounding this group. Do we organize your event this year?

Swap faces game

With our game table can see that all people see are as equal as different. They have their abilities and disabilities. Plays, observes and reflects how all the pieces fit together and form different people able to study, work and live independently. A game for the whole family and talk about disability naturally. AURA web has enabled a page where solutions are and you better know who is behind each face. #TanIgualesComoDiferentes