Project Description

Estel Tàpia

Dressmaking workshop

We are a social economy project that works from the Raval neighborhood to employ people with disabilities and offer a service to companies with social responsibility.

We offer clothing services for companies, institutions and designers who want to work under parameters of social responsibility. Our clients value professionalism, service and personalized treatment and, of course, the added value of working with a social company.

The workers of the Special Work Center are garment professionals who have a disability certificate. The workshop production managers ensure that all orders are delivered on time and meet customer expectations.



Ecotono is a line of reusable textile accessories that
contributes to reducing polluting waste for the environment.

  • Food wrappers
  • Cotton bags
  • Masks

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Vora Barcelona

The VORA Barcelona brand was born in mid-2017 as part of our labor insertion project, to be a benchmark in the sector of textile accessories made in Barcelona with a social and authentic character. All being made with remains of textile stocks from local suppliers and following the criteria of the Social and Solidarity Economy, always putting the needs of the people who work in our workshop at the center. For this reason, we adapt the designs to their capacities and rhythms and carry out limited runs: each piece is unique and each one of them transmits with its shape and colors the stories of the neighborhood and of the hands that have made them.

Estel Tàpia