Project Description

Formació i Treball

School, restaurant, catering

The better the human and social value hidden in their kitchens and their services. Specializing in the cuisine which, through training, responds to people who want to have the opportunity to work. In ins performed pathways and occupational integration in the field of hospitality, in order to professionally train students as employees / Dec establishments in the sector. Ins must work every day to offer the best services.

Services adapted to the new normal Covid19:

The catering service offers available to our customers a range of options tailored to their needs: from a simple breakfast, through lunch or snack standing up to a lunch served by our professional decking in collaboration with the students of the School.
Breakfast: We offer a moment of pause to share impressions during a meeting, conference, meeting or corporate event.
Snacks and cocktails, the best way to supplement an opening conference or any other act or holding company.
Standing meals: lunch or dinner to facilitate informal networking.
Menus: Packed companies served individually in containers and compostable disposable microwaveable.
Buffet attended: Meals for companies or large events attended by skilled personnel following the new regulations hygienic.

Other services:
Service delivery of sandwiches / Service cooks / waiters Service / cooking show


Cleaning and disinfection

Our services have over 25 years experience in institutions and social organizations, private companies, individuals and neighborhood communities, among others. Our actions will ensure clean and safe spaces to develop the daily activities of your organization or private.

Services adapted to the new normal Covid19:

Our catalog:
Disinfection of space reopened after closures for the 19 Covidien
Regular cleaning of offices, social organizations, parishes, homes and communities.
Specific cleaning: completion of works, closure activities and / or events, change social rental apartments.

Systematic monitoring of every action.
Adapting the timetable of clients: we offer daily cleaning, weekly and occasional / temporary

Comprehensive services tailored

Over the last five years we have specialized to implement projects that require flexible designs and implementations. Thanks to our participation in initiatives have established multidisciplinary teams powerful, decisive and flexible.

Comprehensive services designed to meet the specific needs of the customer.
Adaptability and speed management of the project from start to finish
Project management of short or long duration
Coordination of various services such as access control, parcel, space management, maintenance and cleaning