Project Description


Industrial Area

FP ILERSIS offers industrial equipment for the manufacture of wooden items in general customized according to the necessities of customers. It offers a comprehensive service and finishes; dyes, paint, screen printing, thermal printing, laser and digital, etc. A full comprehensive service packaging for different products and sectors: wines and champagnes, spirits, chocolates and nougat, cheeses, meat, perfume, leather goods, textiles, numismatics, snuff, toys Section specialized in providing a service quickly and efficiently third, to resolve any need for the company in general.

Service Area

Specialized work brigades and comprehensive maintenance services for the community: gardening, maintenance of street furniture, cleaning, collection and waste management. Reception and Conciergerie.

Trade and restoration Area

Activity that unites sum and wood products with foodstuffs proximity and quality, transforming them into solutions and gifts made with corazón.Tienda (wines, champagnes, spirits, local food products, organic products, social crafts, corporate gifts, services for conventions and congresses). Bar / tasting area, services and spaces for tastings, pairings, presentations, courses, meetings and celebrations and catering services