Project Description

Fundació Rubricatus

Handling and packaging services

The Handling and Packaging Services division of Tesiprat Serveis provides manufacturing advice to companies and the possibility of outsourcing a part of labour-intensive production processes. It also boasts an extensive portfolio of products and services that help expand production resources without increasing fixed costs.

The Handling and Packaging Services division of Tesiprat Serveis operates under the premises of a high quality production, proven and complete efficiency in the delivery of planned orders, and highly efficient output, which guarantees excellent results and optimises the output capacity of our customers.

The division has ISO 9001 certification, which accredits Tesiprat Serveis as an organisation with the ability to meet the demands of its customers and to consistently provide services as required by applicable regulations.


The Gardening division of Tesiprat Serveis has since 1997 been engaged in the restoration and maintenance of landscaped urban spaces and all kinds of gardens for public organisations, private companies and individuals, always with excellent results.

The division, which provides services throughout the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, boasts the most advanced human and technical resources to guarantee high-quality services to its customers. In addition, it meets all the requirements in terms of the environment, safety and prevention.

The Gardening division of Tesiprat Serveis upholds and permanently renews its commitment to the environment. It applies environmental management criteria based on sustainability when designing, creating, maintaining and reforming public and private landscaped spaces.


Càtering ÉsBo is the catering services division of Tesiprat Serveis. It has extensive experience and provides a wide range of quality products and services for private companies, public authorities and non-governmental organisations.

The Catering boceto service adapts to the different needs and preferences of customers and provides them with advice to ensure the success of programmed events.

Càtering ÉsBo provides a line of coffee break and lunch services with set menus, but also provides the opportunity to prepare a customised menu to suit the customer’s tastes and nee