Networking day – Nou Xamfrà

Last July we took part in a networking day to talk about Business with a Soul. We were proud to share a session and learnings with Fundació Nou Xamfrà, Humanleadership and FECETC. Among the attendees were companies such as the La Caixa Foundation, Banco de Sabadell Foundation, Logistock, Copesco, Yutes, Femcat and the Sabadell Manufacturers’ Guild.

From this blog we want to share with you reflections that we all learned from the day:

  • Social organizations have a great capacity for resilience and adaptation.
  • There are companies that seek more an improvement of their own image than a contribution to an improvement of society.
  • The difference between a company with a soul and a business structure is in the value that is given to people.
  • Companies with souls have inspiring leaderships.
  • In companies with a soul, social innovation is part of their differential value and becomes a competitive difference.
  • Companies with a soul incorporate social enterprises into their value chains.

From the Vinne Foundation we are working on a task of almost “evangelization” in companies. We take advantage of our potential, baggage and knowledge to shake them up and make them realize that they surely have a soul. We know we have a long way to go but that is our long way to go but that is our purpose.


Two successes in a single click: a great event and a gesture of solidarity.