Solidarity cleaning

Have you thought that after holding an event it is necessary to clean the space? Do you know that this task can be entrusted to a social company?

Special work centers (CET) are companies that ensure paid work for people with disabilities and guarantee their integration into the workplace. The objective of these centers is productive, like that of any other company, but their function is social. The purpose of the CETs is to ensure paid employment and the provision of personal and social adjustment services required by personnel with disabilities. The CETs are also a means of integrating people with disabilities into the ordinary work regime.

If you are a company, why should you hire the services of a CET?

  1. Because you will hire professionals with a high level of excellence
  2. Because you will help the labor integration of people with disabilities
  3. Because your brand image will improve throughout your value chain
  4. Because you will integrate into your core business being a socially responsible company

The Special Work Centers offer specialized services, help to achieve responsible hiring and comply with the social clauses of public contracting or alternative measures to the hiring of people with disabilities established by the General Disability Law.

CET cleaning services are highly diversified and range from floor polishing and polishing, cleaning of commercial premises, industrial warehouses, parking lots and homes to new buildings, etc.

On our website you will find some of these social organizations that can offer you their cleaning services!


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