Work session – Eloi Planes

This week, in our work session, we have had a very special guest to whom we have presented our project. We are talking about a person with extensive and proven experience in the business world, we are talking about Eloi Planes. He is also the Executive President of the Fundació Catalunya Cultura, and guided by a firm conviction that “our society urgently needs a strong commitment between business, civil society and institutions”, we discussed the need to transform the hybrid value chain into a tangible reality.

We were surprised and passionate about his creativity and the call to action that he aroused among us. In a very close way he related different storytelling created by him, putting in value words such as EXPERIENCE, VISION OF THE FUTURE and ESSENCE. In the latter we stopped especially because of the potential it has in differentiation and brand building, but also in the construction of the corporate social purpose, as a space for rethinking society.


Aconsegueix dos èxits en un sol clic: un gran esdeveniment i un gest solidari.